1. Elegant Marketing and Sales System

Unified Marketing and Sales System for your business because sales matters.
PurpleFly.me's mission is to make marketing and sales management a more productive process.

Website: http://purplefly.me
2. Intelligent Billing System for Retail Stores

Taking Retail Industry to the future with an intelligent billing system
FlyBills's mission is to help Retailers to embrace Technology, Speed and Intelligence with ease.

Website: http://flybills.com
3. Manufacturing Management System

LeanOMS is an unified management system designed for manufacturing industry.
LeanOMS's mission is to help companies to embrace Industry 4.0 and future with ease.

Website: http://leanoms.com
4. Programming the future

ClayLantern courses are unique and effective. The curriculum is an output of 10+ years of real programming.
ClayLantern's mission is to educate and train professionals on computer languages and programming.

Website: http://claylantern.com